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Design and Handover Fully-Featured Websites While Your Competitors Are Still Installing Plugins.

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Knock-out UI. Collaborative support. Fully featured without plugins. SetSeed is the ultimate solution for web design pros.

Power all your client websites from a single installation on your server, design stunning themes using in-browser design tools and hand over a powerful-yet-simple CMS to empower your clients with managing their users, content and marketing.

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Pricing from $2.22 per site per month. No payment details required for 30 day trial.

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Fully Featured Out of the Box

Open source CMS platforms sound promising, but once you've lived with them for a few years, the issues around installation, updates and plugins cost you time and money. SetSeed has everything you need for 99% of your client requests. No need to worry about compatibility, installation, updates and vulnerability associated with third party plugins.



Manage users, store meta data, allow signups, login and access. Users can use Single Sign On from Microsoft, Facebook or Google. Different user groups can even have different access to pages. Then communicate via email newsletters with stats. GDPR tools built in. Site owners can create amazing emails using templates built by your team with our browser-based design tools.



A unique approach to managing content. Use tags to create hierarchies and groups of pages and media items. Manage complex content simply using groups, widgets, layouts and more amazing built-in features. The CMS is fully mobile and touch optimised with full feature parity between touch and mouse interaction, including power features like multi-selection, re-ordering and elegant copying and moving of content from one area to another.



Powerful eCommerce built in with support for PayPal, Stripe,, eWay, Payment Express, Oxipay. Sites can include products of many different types, including using images as options, donations, form-based products and even subscription products (using Stripe). Site owners can easily configure and place products anywhere on the site.



Site owners can create forms to request user data. All forms can send to email as well as store submission for CSV export. Notification emails can optionally have the data omitted from the body of the email. Forms can also be connected to other areas of the system including to add new users to user lists, customisation for products, or additional information on site checkouts.


Video, Images and Files

Uploaded media can be stored and organised using tags. Other widgets and systems can then display collections of items based on tags in things like galleries and folder views. Images can also be added singly to pages with full support for retina settings and multiple size and crop presets. Developers can add custom size and crop presets that the site owner can use when building pages.


Booking System

Typically the realm of costly large third party systems, site owners can now show availability for bookable products. Three main types of product are catered for: Products, Individuals and Groups. Products are booked in a single order. Individuals take up ‘seats’ in a venue and can be booked according to availability. Groups are used for things like vehicles or buildings where it is one vehicle/building per group but priced per head, with an optional minimum value.



Events can be shown on elegant, responsive calendars that display natively on the website - no clunky embedded calendars here. Calendars can also display events from the site owner’s Google or Microsoft account automatically.


Advanced Customisation

Developers can extend the available functionality using the flexible template layer framework. Our API library allows the creation of powerful widgets that can interact with core CMS data. This allows for powerful user driven sites, for example a membership site where users can pay to post adverts in a directory.



SetSeed websites automatically generate an accessible version that can be used by people with disabilities. All HTML output is optimised for associated technologies. Content can be swapped for accessible-optimised versions where required but in most cases the page and content will display automatically on the accessible version.

An Entire Development Framework for Incredible Customisation

There’s always a stage where you’ll want to offer something to your clients that isn’t supported out of the box. For that, we figured, instead of just letting you try and integrate something to the code, why not build a proper API for custom development.

This idea turned into something so powerful, we’re now using it to replace native features like the blog with a version built using these tools. Data flows effortlessly between the CMS and the template layer, allowing access to the same data that the CMS backend works with. This means you can build systems that can be edited by the site owner using their normal CMS tools.

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SetSeed 9 Feature Deep Dive

Videos are 4k so please enjoy full screen for full screencast readability.

How to Make a Website Accessible

Learn how easy SetSeed CMS makes it to publish websites with an automatic accessible version.

Build Entire Website Designs in Your Browser - SetSeed 9 Feature Tour

See how easy it is for developers to build amazing themes for their customers using SetSeed Design Mode. A suite of in-browser design tools to go from a blank canvas to a stunning, unique theme in minutes, not hours.

Add Anything Anywhere with the Drag and Drop Canvas

The page editor in SetSeed 9 is like no other. Drag and drop to add anything anywhere and create amazing layouts with flexible widgets.

Let Your Customers Take Bookings on Their Website Without Third Parties

SetSeed websites include a super-flexible online booking system to let site-owners take bookings for availability-based items.

The Power to Create Online Stores Without Plugins

See how easy SetSeed makes it for site owners to sell a huge variety of product types on their websites.

A Snappy Workflow for Editing Pages

See how easy it is for site owners to browse and edit pages on their SetSeed powered website.

Create and Deliver Stunning Email Campaigns

SetSeed websites include a powerful bulk email campaign builder with GDPR functionality and web-based template design.

Move and Share (or a Better Way to Copy and Paste)

See how copy and paste functionality has evolved in the SetSeed 9 user experience.

Set up Visitor Signup and Login in a Few Clicks

SetSeed 9's native support for both users and web pages allows for amazingly flexible user registration and login solutions. See how to set up user registration and login on a SetSeed website in this video.

The Beauty of Tags for Page Organisation

SetSeed 9 introduces an amazing new way to deal with organising pages and creating hierarchies. See how tags effortlessly create the skeleton of a website and dynamically generate the interface that site-owners use to work with pages.

Future Proof Custom Development Framework

SetSeed 9 introduces a completely new developer framework to allow incredible custom development. All without any risk of preventing future compatibility.


Collaborative & Passionate Support. Direct from the Development Team.

We can keep things simple. With Chris and Nat in NZ and Ben in the UK we cover most time zones. Email is our preferred method of communication so just click the email links below to start a dialogue with us. Feel free to CC more than one of us too.

Photo of Ben Vallack

Ben Vallack
Designer, developer and co-owner of SetSeed. Lives in Wiltshire, England.
Favourite quote: "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." – Albert Einstein


Chris Parnell
Marketing director and co-owner. Lives in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Favourite quote: "Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" – George Bernard Shaw.


Natalie Bufton
Designer and front-end developer. Works with Chris in Rotorua, New Zealand.
Favourite quote: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do" – Steve Jobs


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