System Updates

System Updates

Version 9.2022.8.22 Multiple undated versions in rapid development phase

New Shortcode for theme_vars system
New Opt-in and add to User list option for checkout customers
New Checkbox for T&C agree when customers place orders
Improved Duplicate intstance prevention
New Unleashed integration, add orders to Unleashed
Fixed SMS registration issue
Fixed Allow full removal of widget instances
New Allow category in dropdown for newsletter signups
New Auto-shop
Improved Allow custom date format in Blog widget
Fixed Sub-page filter widget
New CSS Breakpoint Cache
Improved Add pagination to Blog widget
Fixed Fix magic heights
Fixed Google translate

Version 9.2022.4.14

Fixed Potential duplicate send issue with Compose messages.

Version 9.2022.3.28

Added expiry reminder email and sms to Training Results widget.

Version 9.2022.1.5

Fixed Issue with dollar signs not working in table csv upload

Version 9.2021.12.17

Improved Live preview performance when editing emails

Version 9.2021.12.16

Improved Countdown widget honours website setting timezone

Version 9.2021.10.15

Fixed Issue with text alignment keyboard shortcuts affecting non-text items.

Multiple undated versions in rapid development phase

Improved Added option to hide tag cloud
New Banned countries for forms
Improved Strip exif from uploaded images
New Hub integration with main UI
New Conditional javascript include system
Improved Fix legacy mode widgets carousel
Fixed IE fixes New New header mode, allow rows to float over header
New Fixes to count system for selected items
Improved Reinstate sidebar menu
New Smiley system
Improved Forum notification emails
Fixed Hub api fix php7
Improved Add background load mode detection to widgets to prevent code from running when loaded by the page save event (which isn’t available over dns)
Fixed Fix for sub sub level items in admin
Fixed Fix for ss8 import product options
Fixed Fix overlaps bug
Fixed Fix image tag bug (new uploads)
Improved Depreciate facebook
Improved Make map accessible
Improved Added performance warning
Improved Add defered attach meta
Improved Fix chat and users list
Improved Add webversion https link
Improved Fix searching for content
New Fix hub buttons
New Add tepmlate area that only shows for non logged in users to stop analytics being tracking admin users
New Enable ipify
Improved Fixes to order prices in emails
Improved Add quick add system to forum setup
Improved Add ability to show ‘original price’ in basket
Fixed Fix date on manual bookings
New Add global theme merge system
Fixed Fix min day booking system bug
New Add 2fa auth to admin and hub
New Add version history to code fields
Improved Blog fix to hide sidebar when cats hidden
New Added code editor
Improved Added custom fields to user control bar
Improved Add hash triggers for expand collapse widget
Improved Make unleashed choose region asynchronous
Improved Add caching to unleashed api
New Sharepoint integration
New Add two window mode
New Add csp
Improved Parallax fixes
Improved Made links open in new window when clicked in live preview
New Added ‘show more’ to activity
New Add advanced filter and search options to activity and email lists
New Add magic heights framework
New Xero integration
New Add custom notes

Version 9.2021.2.10

New Option to ensure images and video assets can only be served to logged in users.

Version 9.2020.12.1

New SMS login system. Major improvements to login, user account creation and account editing. Registration is possible with SMS, Email or both. Login is also possible via SMS or email.

Version 9.2020.11.10

Fixed Bug with adding items to forms and form option inputs with keyboard shortcut method
New head_append meta item for widgets allows custom head code additions if the widget is used on the page.
Fixed Issue with header position when page scrolled while page is loading
Fixed Performance of header/footer loading speed when video on page
Fixed Recaptcha slowing down header/footer loading
Improved Right-click peformance when working with content. Right click on items to bring up properties without creatint a multi-selection.
Improved Done button peformance when editing form options.
Improved Column layouts can now be designated as legacy. Added support for spaced images containers from SS8
Improved Global search field display glitches
Improved Loading screen imporovements
Improved Select all checkbox when sending to multiple newlestters lists
Fixed Google Marker Widget spaces out markers when they share the same coodinates.
New Google Marker Widget
New Geolocation restriction widget
New Unleashed products
New add_to_basket template function
New Dark mode support

Version 9.2020.10.2

Improved Products system and added volume based shipping prices to products with variants.

Version 9.2020.9.14

Improved Added activity logging for booking product editing.

Version 9.2020.9.9

Fixed Bug when choosing links to pages

Version 9.2020.9.3

Fixed Bug preventing field order from being editable
Improved Increased maximum number or rates to 24
Fixed bug where consecutive days split over two months wern't being counted correctly
New added donation products

Version 9.2020.9.1

Fixed Issue with booking availability not showing on website in current month.
Improved loading icon and prevention of error clicking when saving/editing a booking in Bookings

Version 9.2020.8.27

Fixed Images now show placeholder even if one isn't defined in Design > Setup
New Geolocation form Ipify integrated

Version 9.2020.8.26

Fixed Scroll top position after choosing image.
Fixed Issue when working with text where adding a link would apply it to more than one or the wrong item.
Fixed Issue when adding a text link with 'opens in new window' checked. products~##Version 9.2020.8.25
Fixed Issue with products showing code when viewing in Activity.
bookings~##Version 9.2020.8.10
bookings~Fixed Groups name fixed when editing booking product.
bookings~Fixed Issue with selecting day with bookings in Bookings view.
bookings~Fixed Child rate now shows up correctly for Individuals/Groups booking products.
bookings~Fixed Booking products fixed when showing only items as buttons.
bookings~New Count of all people booked in current day in Bookings view.

Version 9.2020.8.6

Fixed Issue with website settings display on small widths.
Fixed Display issue with quantity chooser.
Improved Calendar goes to first month with available dates.
New Added Stripe as payment gateway.

Version 9.2020.7.30

Fixed Oddity with position of menu.
Improved Margin included in collision detection for design mode logos.
Fixed Responsive video bug when resizing.
Fixed the system so it tracks widgets it they are moved into Groups. Needed for the count_live_widgets Smarty plugin.
Improved Groups can now be double clicked to edit them.
Fixed Null fixed when renaming widgets that had no info text.
Fixed Category tickbox issue fixed for users menu.
Fixed Users list resize bug fixed.
Fixed Hamburger menu bug fixed in design mode settings.
Fixed Esc showing outer menu bar bug fixed.

Version 9.2020.7.23

Fixed Calendar editing

Version 9.2020.7.7

Fixed Brands issue.

Version 9.2020.5.26

New Option to set widget properties design mode only.

Version 9.2020.5.15

Fixed Bugs with checkout.
Added: Invisible reCAPTCHA support.

Version 9.2020.4.16

New Ability to preview a page as a sample logged in user from different user lists
Fixed Display bug when editing groups
: Improved meta data attributes on calendar events

Version 9.2020.3.9

Improved Pages can't be set to live without having a meta title and description populated.

Version 9.2020.3.9

Improved Links can now be edited or removed if they are selected before clicking the Link option from the tooltip menu.

Version 9.2020.3.6

Fixed bug with choosing link to file. :Added new meta property type 'linkpageonly'

Version 9.2020.3.3

Improved Update to Ioncube v10 (requires v10 loaders).
New supports PHP 7
Fixed Tag quick-add tag name bug
Fixed Textareas allow operating system right-click
Improved Huge overhaul of drag/sort system for smoothness and performance
Fixed Sortability of untagged pages and emails in Commpose
Fixed Duplicate email in Compose

Version 9.2020.2.14

Fixed Bug where inline formatting palette when editing text only displays as a small triangle.
Fixed Link editing dialogue loosing focus before typing some situations.
Fixed Link editing dialogue Done button not functioning in some situations.
Fixed Issue that breaks formatting palette after repeatedly editing a text area.
Fixed Performance bottleneck that would deteriorate after working with a page for a long time.

Version 8.2020.1.6

Fixed bug with some layouts
Fixed error in javascript console.
Improved Popup link works on images without a link to show enlarged version of itself.
Improved Popup link supports caption shortcode in description to allow separate caption to image alt tag.

Version 8.2019.12.20

Improved Calendar start day of week can now be selected in Website Settings > General.
Improved Mobile calendar now shows new events without needing the template cache to be cleared.

Version 8.2019.12.13

Fixed Issue with someeee images not showing at the top of a list after being uploaded.

Version 8.2019.12.12

Fixed Issue with image search tool.

Version 8.2019.12.10

Fixed Issue when linking to pages containing two dashes in the url.

Version 8.2019.12.6

Fixed Issue with multiple events per day on responsive calendar.

Version 8.2019.12.5

Fixed Invoices no longer show remove from basket option.

Version 8.2019.12.3

New Option to import Google Contacts from connected Google account.

Version 8.2019.12.2

Improved Pages containing an image in a snippet can now use that image as thier default preview image.

Version 8.2019.11.28

Fixed Issue with bold/italic/underline links conflicting with drag and drop.
Fixed Issue with scrollbars on some devices.

Version 8.2019.11.25

Fixed issue with 'Redirecting page' option.

Version 8.2019.11.22

New {DIGITAL_LINKS} shortcode for order received email template.
Fixed Issues with drag-scrolling

Version 8.2019.11.21

New Add support for product options to digital products.

Version 8.2019.11.8

Fixed Issue with tapping dropdown menus when using touch devices.

Version 8.2019.11.1

Fixed Issue with 'reply to blog comment' form not working in some browsers.

Versions 8.2019.10.29

New Added Custom URL feature for SEO users.

Versions 8.2019.10.9

Improved Cache now clears after adding new images and add/remove images from category.

Versions 8.2019.9.27

Fixed page jumping bug in some browsers when working with long pages.

Versions 8.2019.9.18b

Fixed accessible mode cache bug.

Version 8.2019.8.27

Fixed Bug with dollar symbols in form field labels.

Version 8.2019.8.12

Fixed Bug with PayPal showing shipping item twice.

Version 8.2019.7.22

Fixed issue with legacy image galleries not uploading new images.

Version 8.2019.7.19

Fixed Issue with dragging some widgets on touch screen devices.
Fixed Issue with pinned article styling.

Version 8.2019.7.15b

Improved Increased maximum width for new uploaded images.

Version 8.2019.7.15

Fixed Retina image system improvements.

Version 8.2019.7.11

New Retina image mode option in image size menu. New images have this mode enabled by default, old images don't.
New Google Products feed export.

Version 8.2019.7.9

Fixed Issue where sites using custom jquery versions would not use this version on the initial page load that uses the inline file display mode.

Version 8.2019.7.8

New Popup From Link Widget.

Version 8.2019.6.24

Fixed Bug with using 'n' key when adding image categories.

Versions 8.2019.6.10

Improved Embed codes can now be saved with cmd+enter/ctrl+enter when the code field is focused.

Versions 8.2019.5.24

Fixed Issue with some links breaking.
Fixed Issue where some pages wouldn't be returned in search results.

Versions 8.2019.4.26

New Table editor.

Versions 8.2019.4.24

FixedBug where users could bypass required field test by disabling javascript.

Versions 8.2019.4.23

Fixed issue with forms and empty recipients or extra commas where a form has multiple recipients.

Versions 8.2019.4.16

New Versions menu shows who published previous versions.
Improved when sites in the Hub are marked as live, page caching is re-enabled.
Improved Booking product type 'products' with only 1 availability hide the quantity input and show the available dates straight away.
Improved Support for Dame and Lady prefixes.
Fixed Issue with some blog articles showing empty element on blog index page.

Versions 8.2019.4.15

Fixed Issue with right-click menu.

Versions 8.2019.4.9

New Added share to LinkedIn option. Removed Google+.

Versions 8.2019.4.8

Added support for individual style settings for booking products.

Versions 8.2019.4.5

Updated orders system so correct shipping address name shows with the order.

Versions 8.2019.3.19

Improved Major reworking of the keyboard shortcut system for performance and reliability.

Versions 8.2019.2.28

Fixed issue with HTML characters showing in customer email.

Versions 8.2019.2.27

Fixed Bug with canonical URLs on some pages.
Fixed Bug with renaming inputs more than once.
Fixed Bug when showing error message on some forms.
Improved New forms default to the admin user's email address.
New Activity log in each site's cache folder.
Fixed Bug with gallery based products that share the same gallery when used on the same page.

Version 8.2019.2.22

Fixed Legacy issue with contact forms by updating the jQuery forms plugin.

Version 8.2019.2.10

New Option to redirect 404 not found pages to the website homepage.

Versions 8.2019.2.6

New Option to add a watermark PNG to a gallery. If an image is used singly elsewhere it will still show the watermarked version.

Versions 8.2019.1.30

New Export products CSV option. Includes total sold values.

Version 8.2019.1.28

New Added minimum consecutive days options

Version 8.2019.1.23

Fixed Added message on responsive calendar if there are no upcoming events.

Version 8.2019.1.21

Deleting an order now adds stock levels back to associated products.

Version 8.2019.1.17

New Contact forms now show full page the form was sent from.
Fixed Redirect from non-ssl version to ssl version now uses 301 headers.
Fixed accessibility mode url fix for some domains.

Version 8.2019.1.2

New Option to add up to 4 brands to a hub user. Those hub users can then create sites belonging to those brands and view sites from all their selected brands.

Version 8.2018.12.21

New Option to customise the 'success' message when a form is sent.

Version 8.2018.12.13

View in browser link for form submissions with option to remove or export individual submissions
New option to omit the submission data from the form submission notification email.

Version 8.2018.12.11

Fixed Image renaming infinite scroll bug
Fixed Scroll bug with multiple brands.

Version 8.2018.12.1

Fixed Image renaming bug

Version 8.2018.11.28

Fixed Issue with booking calendars and zero-price availability.

Version 8.2018.11.27

Fixed Phone number now shows up in order emails.

Version 8.2018.11.19

Fixed Issue with broken images on the blog index.

Version 8.2018.11.12b

Fixed issue with required checkboxes.

Version 8.2018.11.12

New Create Hub users that are restricted to certain brands. When they login they'll only see sites in their own brand and all sites they create will be in their brand.

Version 8.2018.11.9b

Fix for reCAPTCHA error handling

Version 8.2018.11.9

Added Google reCAPTCHA support. Enter your credentials in Website Settings > General

Version 8.2018.11.6

Fix issue with session handling on non-ssl sites.

Version 8.2018.11.5

Snippets and embed codes now work in page preview template sections. 'Opens in new window' appended to accessible calendar links.

Version 8.2018.10.26

Fixed domain validity script to honor https setting.

Version 8.2018.10.8

Fixed issue with some product prices not showing up.

Version 8.2018.10.5

New Option to set content of 404 page in Website Settings > Sitewide Content

Version 8.2018.10.4

Set HTTPOnly security with PHP Session Cookie.

Version 8.2018.10.2

Fixed Issue with older themes on blog mini calendar.

Version 8.2018.10.1

Fixed HTTPS now shows in share option links.

Version: 8.2018.9.27

Fixed Issue with rotating some images.

Version: 8.2018.9.26

Fixed Changelog slides seen state bug
New Accessibility mode icon in Hub and checkbox to enable/disable accessibility mode
New Ability to hide sites in the ready to import section

Version 8.2018.9.20

New Option to include sales tax in line items on checkout, order emails and invoice pages. When enabled, total tax will be shown below the total rather than as a separate item.

Version 8.2018.9.12

Improved Custom sales tax name is now reflected in order emails.

Version 8.2018.9.11

Improved New consecutive order id is now used in invoices.

Version 8.2018.9.10b

Fixed Issue using quote marks in image captions.

Version 8.2018.9.10

Improved Order id in subject is now consecutive.
Fixed Issue with setting a shipping rate and then adjusting product quantities.

Version 8.2018.9.7b

New Forms now have custom filter rules to prevent email notifications from being sent based on certain strings being added to the submission.

Version 8.2018.9.7

Improved Added ability to set download expiry time for digital downloads

Version 8.2018.9.5b

Fixed Issue with download products containing dashes in the filename.

Version 8.2018.8.27

Fixed Images that have just been uploaded can now be renamed.

Version 8.2018.8.21

Improved All categories now pre-selected by default in calendars with multiple categories.
Improved Time and location now display on title attributes for events.

Version 8.2018.8.9

Repeating events can now have an end date.

Version 8.2018.8.6

Improved Minor changes to Hub UI.

Version 8.2018.8.1

New Slideshow system to demonstrate new functionality with each update.
New Multiple Hub users.

Version 8.2018.7.31

Fixed Issue with product names containing dollar symbols.

Version 8.2018.7.27

Fixed Bug with adding embed codes. Improved consistency with adding line breaks. Ctrl+enter will add a line break. Enter will save the changes.

Version 8.2018.7.26

Fixed Bug where widgets wouldn't render correctly on the page.

Version 8.2018.7.24

Added support for repeating events.

Version 8.2018.7.20

New Option to set the 'Submit button' text per form.

Version 8.2018.7.6

Added image search system. Design mode theme supports the new feature.

Version 8.2018.7.4

Improved pagetitle variable now available in $content.subPageIndex array

Version 8.2018.6.25

Stop PayPal refunds creating new orders.

Version 8.2018.6.22

Fixed duplicate category issue when using 'quick add' Fixed shipping and coupon values not being saved in checkout.

Version 8.2018.6.14

New Added support for theme_merge/css/email.css and theme_merge/email/email.tpl override templates for design mode sites.

Version 8.2018.6.11

Fixed Issue with deleting subscribers in mailing lists when using select all on a filtered list.
$google_maps_api_key variable exposed to widget templates.

Version 8.2018.6.7

Fixed Issue with google maps api key replacement system.

Version 8.2018.6.4b

Added ability to automatically add IP anonymization to Google Analytics tags. Disable with $anonymizeGA=false; in config file.

Version 8.2018.6.4

Fixed Click-ability of links in next month of calendar view.

Version 8.2018.5.30

New 'Reset downloads' button in Orders to reset digital download count.
New Embed codes can now automatically insert Google Maps API key. Make sure your server config file include the following line $google_maps_api_key = "###";

Version 8.2018.5.24

Fixed issue with confirmation links not showing full name with newsletter signup auto responders.
Fixed Scaling of default mailing list email notification pages on mobile devices.

Version 8.2018.5.23

Fixed Bug when changing product option values.

Version 8.2018.5.18

Improved Datalayer key names adjusted for checkout event.

Version 8.2018.5.17b

Fixed Bug with 'select all' logic in mailing lists when unselecting some of the selection.

Version 8.2018.5.16

Fixed Page Access group system bug.

Version 8.2018.5.15

Fixed issue with select all and some actions when working with subscribers.
Added 'Need repermission' filter item
Improved It's no longer required to set a site to free mode before deleting it in the Hub.
New 'Change to free mode' button in the Hub to switch a site back to free mode.

Version 8.2018.5.14

Fixed Embed codes inside widget zones within sitewide content areas are now rendered directly to the template, allowing Smarty operators on them.

Version 8.2018.5.12

Fixed issue with printing booking list
Fixed issue where the admin level 'add booking' system wasn't working
Fixed issue where the admin level 'add booking' system was remaining visible even on themes that don't require it (due to the admin checkout system)

Version 8.2018.5.11

New Digital product download attempts can now be adjusted in Website Settings.
New Filter tool when viewing orders to allow displaying of dispatched ordered.
Fixed Issue with using 'support login' links on some websites with SSL enabled.

Version 8.2018.5.8b

Fix: Fixed issue when updating to 8.2018.5.2
Improved Default logo adjusted

Version 8.2018.5.2

Improved IP addresses are anonymised before being stored in the statistics database table.
Improved Query strings are removed from statistics database table.
New 'Delete individual user data' tool to remove a user's personal data from all areas of the system.
New Double-opt in when a user fills in a newsletter subscribe form or is added to a mailing list via contact form.
New Logging of consent with each mailing list subscriber and ability to download that information.
New ***CONFIRM_LINK*** variable for newsletter auto-responder emails. Learn more All mailing list auto-responder emails need a link set to this variable to allow double-opt in. Auto-responder emails without this variable set will have it automatically inserted at the end of the content area.
New Shortcode replacements in webversion now behave the same way as in the email. i.e name, email and repermission links continue to work.
New It's now not possible to send a mailing list message to an email containing a CONFIRM_LINK variable.
New Repermissioning system. Learn more. Subscribers can be marked as requiring repermissioning. Then, if a message containing the ***REPERMISSION*** shortcode is sent, only those needing repermissioning will receive it. If they click the link their last permissioned date will be updated. Mailing lists can now be filtered to show emails that haven't been repermissioned for a certain period of time.
Fixed Sitemap.xml now shows https if used.
Improved Lastmod now updates in sitemap.xml when comments are added and edits are made.
Fixed Sitemap.xml wouldn't always show new blog articles.
Fixed Invoice pages now show submitted form data where a form is added to checkout instead of an empty form.
Improved Text is now selectable in orders display view.
Improved Print version when displaying order details.
Fixed Order dates now honour the Website Settings > General > Timezone settings.
Improved Orders list now displays date and email address on wider displays.
Improved Orders list now displays newest items at the top.
Improved Digital products now have the option to download the uploaded file from the products view.
Fixed Reported total from payments no longer shows double tax and shipping values.

Version 8.2018.4.24

Fixed Issue with canonical URLs and sharing blog pages to Facebook.

Version 8.2018.4.23b

Fixed issue with PayPal IPN processing.

Version 8.2018.4.20

Fixed Issue with favicon uploading in design mode.

Version 8.2018.4.12

Added exclusion for /.well-known/ directory in .htaccess file

Version 8.2018.4.10b

Fixed Bug that resulted in CSS not displaying

Version 8.2018.4.10

Improved Tax, shipping, discount and coupon values are now stored with the order and shown in emails.

Version 8.2018.4.9

Improved Accessible version of bookings pages.

Version 8.2018.4.6

Fixed Issue with reporting of sending progress in Campaigns view.

Version 8.2018.4.5

Fixed Issue with visible stock values on products with multiple choices.

Version 8.2018.4.4

Fixed snippets now works as a line by line requirement in custom KB article content.

Version 8.2018.4.3

New You can now use values from fields in the 'redirect on send' page address. Learn more.
Improved Contact form 'from address' handling improved.
Improved Newsletter emails 'from address' handling improved.

Version 8.2018.3.28

Fixed Bug where images in the help system would break after initial load in some situations.

Version 8.2018.3.27

Improved Digital download links now go directly to the https version for SSL enabled sites. This solves the bug with the download link counting twice each time it was clicked.

Version 8.2018.3.23

Improved Live preview won't switch back to the homepage if you've navigated to another page.
Improved Live preview behaviour when re-ordering images.
Fixed Bug where image order in filtered category would appear not to 'stick'.
Improved Checkout functionality with one or more gateways enabled.

Version 8.2018.3.22

Improved Added confirmation when uploading an existing image.
Improved Form fields can now be deleted even after submissions have been received. Deleted fields will show with a 'Deleted' label in the column header in the CSV export.
Fixed Canonical URLs for blog articles.
Fixed Removed low-contrast styling from tag cloud in accessible mode.

Version 8.2018.3.20

Added Smarty function blog_by_tag to allow showing recent articles based on a supplied 'tag'. Used in design mode theme 'Recent blog articles by tag' widget.

Version 8.2018.3.19

New Added ability to connect to Google to display calendar events. Requires configuration per site.

Version 8.2018.3.2

New Ability to add custom articles to the KB. Learn more.

Version 8.2018.2.28

Fixed Issue with integration when using tax and shipping amounts.

Version 8.2018.2.9b

New Now includes three template themes based on design mode. These template sites do not have their own theme folder inside them, instead, the theme should be set to global_design_mode_theme when/if your import these themes.
New The self-signup example website is now setup to offer the three new template themes as theme choices. Make sure you leave the theme-adventure,theme-coffee and theme-school folders in place in the 'sites' folder for this to work.

Version 8.2018.2.9

Fixed Issue with thumbnails in self-signup template site.
New Added 'act as' button to let self signup system admin account view the 'my sites' page as one of the users.
New Added a disable billing option to allow the self-signup system to run without any automatic billing. Sites will not revert to free mode after each month when this $disablebilling is set to true. This is for situations where you bill your clients manually or with different amounts. Use the tools in the Hub to disable sites as required.

Version 8.2018.2.8

New Caption property added to data tables. Is inserted as element in the HTML.

Version 8.2018.2.7b

New Product SKU codes can now be stored with products.

Version 8.2018.2.7

New When a user clicks the unsubscribe link, they see a form where they can select which of the 'visible on signup form' categories they want to be part of.

Version 8.2018.2.6

Improved Hub speed improvements

Version 8.2018.1.30

Fixed Issue with editing blog articles.
Fixed Checkout bugs.

Version 8.2018.1.29

New Per product shipping rates. Learn more
New Option to show/hide sales tax from mini basket
New Option to show/hide the '+ Sales tax' text with net prices.
New Design Mode always shows up for users logged in via the Hub.

Version 8.2018.1.19

New Autocomplete when adding tags to blog articles based on tags added to other articles.

Version 8.2018.1.15

New Backup scripts for versioned site-by-site database backup. Learn more

Version 8.2018.1.10

Improved Performance of image loading in Help

Version 8.2018.1.5

Fixed Issue with titles on links after re-opening a page.
Fixed Bug when importing from an existing some site in some situations. ('Specified key was too long')
Improved Design mode/theme vars image options now show a preview of the uploaded image.

Version 8.2018.1.3b

New Option to exclude pages from search engines. Add this to your main.tpl template to enable the feature in a theme (Design mode theme supports it natively)

{if $content.noindex}
<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Version 8.2018.1.2

Improved Knowledge base

Version 8.2018.1.2

New Smarty modifier available: images_from_content use this modifier as follows to return an array of image strings from images contained in the HTML variable supplied as the first argument.

{assign var=images value=$content|images_from_content:true:$siteurl}

Version 8.2017.12.9

Improved Allow multiple emails to be added in order notification email.

Version 8.2017.12.7

Fixed Issue where the Facebook pinned tag setting would empty itself.
Improved Design changes to knowledge base.

Version 8.2017.12.1

Fixed Bug where renaming a product would appear to change the names of the 'choices' for that product (actual option names weren't changed).

Version 8.2017.11.30.3

Improved Added support for Greek pagenames

Version 8.2017.11.30.2

Fixed Support login link on mobiles now visible

Version 8.2017.11.30.1

New Allow individual products to be made exempt from sales tax

Version 8.2017.11.30

Fixed Issue with saving additional payment gateway credentials.

Version 8.2017.11.24

New Sales tax settings exposed to shoppingbasket.tpl

Version 8.2017.11.23

New 'Pinned' feature for blog articles (requires template support, 'design mode' includes support). Wherever pinned articles are included in a set of articles (i.e main index, category, tag or date filters) the pinned articles will be omitted from the main results and exposed as a separate loop.
New Option for Facebook import to 'pin' articles with a certain tag.

Version 8.2017.11.22

New "Test live domains and set Live checkboxes for live sites" option in the Hub to automatically set live sites 'live' checkbox when the site is found to be live (useful to setting the live checkbox on old servers)
Improved Checkout template now gets a net_totals variable to show the total basket without the sales tax component.

Version 8.2017.11.21

New Cron script to check if live domains are resolving via DNS. (/sh/notify-facebook-posts.php - recommended run once daily)

Version 8.2017.11.20

Adding new images now replaces dashes and underscores with spaces.
Improved Display when dragging images.
Improved Self signup sample website is now build using Design Mode

Version 8.2017.11.16

Improved Multiple (up to three) gateways can now be configured in design mode themes. PayPal and support are available.

Version 8.2017.11.15

Fixed Issue with shortcodes for links with titles in Sitewide Content.
Fixed Issue with shortcodes for links with titles in Blog posts.

Version 8.2017.11.6

Fixed Issue with dollar symbols in contact forms.

Version 8.2017.11.2

New Function available as Smarty plugin (PHP 5.6 Required if this plugin is used)
New Option to add multiple payment gateways to a theme. See settings/gateways.json in the design mode theme for an example.
Fixed Bug with attendee data being duplicated.
Fixed Crash when Facebook authorization revoked from Facebook account.
Fixed Bug when viewing images filtered by category and then adding/changing selected categories, resulting in duplicate images in galleries.

Version 8.2017.10.27

New Connect to Facebook feature. Allows site owners to connect to their Facebook accounts and have their feed imported to the website blog.

Version 8.2017.10.22

Improved Compatibility when downloading digital products.
Fixed If an alternative address is added from a custom checkout implementation, it is now labelled 'shipping address' in the admin and normal PayPal supplied address is referred to as the billing address.

Version 8.2017.10.20

Fixed issue where basket wouldn’t show all attendee data when bookings products where added.
Improved Pages with booking products on now store entered information and pre-load when returned to the page (i.e if the user goes back from the checkout page). The user is given the option to reset.

Version 8.2017.10.18

Fixed Bugs in front-end admin checkout system.
Improved Custom name definitions in booking products now export to CSV and show in Bookings back end

Version 8.2017.10.17

Improved Booking products ‘add manual booking’ option removed for consistency (only on sites where the front-end manual order mode is supported).
Improved Add ability to define the names of ‘adults’, ‘children’ and ‘concessions’ per booking product.
Fixed Layout bugs with 4x 25% form columns.
Improved Order of fields in admin front-end checkout form.
Fixed CSV export issue where children were swapped to concessions in booking CSV export.
New Added ‘archive’ mode to Orders view. Three modes now behave as follows:
Delete: Deletes the order everywhere including associated bookings. No email is sent to the customer. CSV export will not show deleted orders.
Archive: Hides the order from the main orders list. Associated booking data and CSV export data will remain visible.
Dispatch: The same as Archive but the order dispatched email will be sent to the customer.

Version 8.2017.10.13

New Logged in admin users can now place a customer order from front-end checkout. (Requires support in theme, design mode is supported).
New Stock alerts system. Admin users can enable an option to receive low stock alerts for products my ‘Your account’. Products need to be configured to trigger alerts, along with a threshold, in Storage > Products. Only products that have the option enabled will trigger alerts. Admins will receive one alert when a product stock level is taken from above the threshold to below it. It will re-trigger every time the level goes from above to below the threshold.
Fixed Bookings layout bug

Version 8.2017.10.12

Fixed Image sizes, layout templates, widget templates and advanced text and image styles now all work with localisation file. Use Custom_ at the beginning of the key in the languages json file. For example Custom_Banner_Bottom
Fixed Bug with contact form based products.

Version 8.2017.10.11

Improved Images and text links can have title attributes. Text links title attribute populated like this: [test link](link)[title here] - image links take title from description.
Improved Headings now show their HTML labels to help anyone editing content with an SEO or accessibility perspective.

Version 8.2017.10.6

Fixed Scrolling/jumping quirks in editor - particularly in Chrome

Version 8.2017.10.5

Fixed Various fixes to booking products

Version 8.2017.9.21b

New options in Website Settings > General for clearing caches and rebuilding search index
Improved Search now index content from Snippets as well as captions in galleries.
Fixed Bug when adding files with + symbols in file name.
Improved Calendar ICS download now includes correct time and duration.

Version 8.2017.9.18

New Booking products can now connect to a contact form to collect a set of information for each attending individual. This is then visible and exportable to CSV using the daily view in the Bookings area in the CMS.


Fixed Issue where closing a tab while a draft autosave event was firing or a poor internet connection could result in data loss from current draft.
Improved Browser will prompt to stay on page if navigated away while a draft is autosaving.


Fixed Issue with downloading large files
New Added {FORM_RESPONSE} tag to order received templates to show checkout contact form data to customer.


Improved Theme vars can now be excluded based on enabled features. Add “require”: “PRODUCTS” to only show an option when products is enabled in that site. Add to a “title” option to exclude the whole section. Strings are: PRODUCTS, BOOKING_PRODUCTS, VIDEOS, FORMS, CALENDARS, SNIPPETS, EMBED_CODES, LIVECHAT, MAILING_LIST, BLOG


New api/search


Improved Numeric order id is now added to ‘new order’ emails.


New Page compression now enabled for css/js assets.
New New system to ‘inline’ all javascript and css on initial page load, then swap back to file based for subsequent page loads. Faster page loading for initial loads whilst still leveraging browser caching for subsequent pageviews. Support for this can be enabled in any theme. See the Design Mode theme for sample code.


New Self signup sample website now includes provision for domain registrar integration.
New When adding a new form input option, line breaks in the pasted value will convert to new options.


Fixed after-update.php script fixes.


Improved Donation products now limited to one in basket.
New Accessibility Mode. Define a custom domain to use in the Hub for a fully accessible version of the site.


Improved Shift+Click now selects end-to-end when manually adding a new booking.


Fixed Bug with serving CSS files in theme_merge directory.
Fixed Bug with serving JS files in theme_merge directory.
Fixed Bug with serving graphics from the theme_merge directory.


New Custom currencies can now be added to the choices by adding a new file in settings/additional_currencies.json using a format like this:

        "full":"VND (Vietnamese Dong)"


Improved call change event on datepicker form fields when it updates the value.


Fixed Prevented decimal quantity values.
Improved Sidebar pages now honour the ‘hide from menus’ checkbox.


Fixed Checkout issue with HTML text showing after going through to PayPal


New Support for ‘width’ for form fields. 25/50/75/100 in addition to ‘new row’ and ‘horizontal rule’ field types.
New Support for ‘width’ for form fields. (Automatically enabled when used with themes that support it)


Fixed issue with mini basket.
Improved Contact form emails now use customer name is ‘from name’ like: ‘Steve Jobs (Sent via’ to allow mail clients to group them logically.
Improved Contact form emails now use customer email address in ‘reply to’ field so emails can be replied to directly. Actual from email remains as no-reply@ to ensure deliverability).
Fixed Sales tax calculation bug


Fixed issue with large donation amounts.


Improved Added date to invoice template


Added ‘Invoice’ widget. When added to a page a ‘view invoice’ link will appear in the Orders view. This can then be printed or viewed. The customer will also get a link to this invoice page with their order received email.


Fixed Fix blog snippet issue with widgets with zones.


Fixed Force Hub to use new css from 8.2017.4.4.
Fixed Share links behaviour


Fixed Bug with clicking button in popdown dialogue areas in Chrome/Windows.
New Added export options to the hub including the admin user email addresses for either master users or all admin users.
New Sales tax options.


newsletter~~New Added ability to add sender details to newsletter form from contact form submissions.
New Special theme variable allowed with variable name of ’default_template_section’ that can be used to show a template section first even if it’s not first in the template sections json file.


Fixed Bug where Editor area would jump when removing or adding elements.
Fixed Bug where Editor area would jump to bottom when adding a widget.
Improved Copy and pasting content is now specific to logged in user account.


Fixed Files search bug


New Hub now includes ability to select an existing site to use as content source.
New Hub now includes ability to choose theme for new sites.


Fixed Theme variables now populate in contact form auto responders and newsletter autoresponders.
Fixed Theme variables now populate in newsletter templates.


Fixed Livechat performance issue.
New Contact forms can now be set to redirect to a page on submit.


New Added page redirect option on form submission.


Improved pre-cache page speed on sites with large blogs.


Improved Contact form shows website at bottom.
Improved Using ESC no long triggers operating system level operations like exiting full screen mode on mac


New Sitewide content and template sections can be given custom names from theme_vars variables.


Fixed Bug when tables are added to some content areas.

Theme updates

Version 9.2021.7.1

Fixed Issue with ‘frills mode’ and columns

Version 9.2020.10.9

Improved Upgraded Countdown widget to include contextual help and enable the date to be edited via a property rather than editable zone.

Version 9.2020.9.23

Improved Spam protected widget as many more options

Version 9.2020.8.6

Fixed Page meta inforation fixed.

Version 9.2020.7.31

Fixed Content rows with background video set now display if no content set.
Fixed Page thubmanil not working in some situations.
Improved Forum widget now allows multiple categories per instance.
New Image widget system to allow for proper display of images including switchin to a placeholder when the source image is removed from storage, as well as enabling retina ssupport for images used in emails.

Version 8.2019.12.6b

Improved Inline anchors now autoscroll to reveal themselves if linked to from another page and the page has a fixed header.

Version 8.2019.11.15

Fixed Bug with scroll effects.
Fixed Bug with sub page with filter widget

Version 8.2019.11.8

Fixed Issue showing menu item duplicates in mobile header.

Version 8.2019.11.5

Fixed issue with popup link widget.

Version 8.2019.11.1

Fixed Issue with resize events not firing.
Fixed ADA Compliance issue with headings order in blog templates.

Version 8.2019.10.3

Improved Image filename now displayed when working with images.
Improved Image caption renaming process
Fixed Issue with sidebar layouts
Improved Accessibility of banner widgets.
Fixed Issue with auto height boxes when filtering sub page index.

Version 8.2019.9.26

Fixed Opacity of images in evenly spaced images container.

Version 8.2019.9.19

Fixed Duplicate content bug in accessible mode.

Version 8.2019.9.18

Fixed Issue with menu item on mobile devices.

Version 8.2019.9.13

New Option to prevent single words falling on last lines of text and headings.

Version 8.2019.8.27

Fixed issue with search results in accessible sites.

Version 8.2019.8.12

Added accessible mode content bars for bars 7-10

Version 8.2019.8.6

Fixed javascript loading bug.

Version 8.2019.6.17

Added ability to set number of characters use for previews in blog index.

Version 8.2019.6.10b

Fixed Sites with fixed headers now allow for the space with inline anchors are clicked.

Version 8.2019.5.21

New gallery styles.

Version 8.2019.5.10b

Mobile menu fix.
Fixed Font size issue with some form elements.
New Advanced image style, 'Caption Below Image'.
New Advanced text styles, Much Smaller, Bigger and Much Bigger.
Fixed Issue with text being cut off on long form input labels.

Version 8.2019.3.18

Remove icons from accessibility mode.

Version 8.2019.2.13

New Banner areas can now have a default content set in Sitewide content.

Version 8.2019.1.23

Fixed issue with some contact form based products.

Version 8.2019.1.21

Fixed Issue with consent widgets
Fixed Galleries issue in accessible mode.

Version 8.2019.1.2

Added Oxipay prices to individual product 'add to basket' buttons

Versions 8.2019.1.2

Improved Ability to use different alt/description for image links with captions. Use a shortcode like this in the image description field: [caption: This will be the caption] followed by the text you want to use as the alt/description.
Fixed Issue with form validation at checkout.
Improved Load times on some background image areas.

Versions 8.2018.12.20

New Added Oxipay gateway.

Versions 8.2018.12.17

Improved Added Google Maps as a specific consent item.

Versions 8.2018.12.7

Improved Handling and display of out of stock products when 'only sell if in stock' is enabled

Versions 8.2018.12.5

Fixed Stock notification on form based products.
Improved Products now display 'currently unavailable' when out of stock and 'only sell if in stock' is ticked.

Version 8.2018.11.21

Improved Performance on older mobile devices.
New Option to add sidebar subnav automatically.
New Image size options.
New Index as grid display mode.

Version 8.2018.11.5b

Fixed Issue with gallery slideshow speeds

Version 8.2018.10.29b

Mobile menu now has sub-menus collapsed by default.
Fixed Bug with buttons when showing the basket total number.

Version 8.2018.10.18

New scroll-effects mode to add animation to content as the visitors scrolls down. Enable in Design > Setup > Enable scroll effects

Version 8.2018.10.16

Fixed Image captions no longer display on accessible mode, avoiding redundancy.
Fixed email address validation
Improved Accessible version of gallery with thumbs.
Improved Accessible version of calendar includes 'opens in new window'
Improved Images filter menu
Improved Added a 'paid' tickbox to the admin user checkout flow.
New icon options for mobile header.

Version 8.2018.10.11

Improvements to the calendar popup system.

Version 8.2018.10.10

Fixed to event popup system
Fixed display of calendar on dark backgrounds

Version 8.2018.10.8b

New Popup showing all event meta data.

Version 8.2018.9.27b

New extra icon in mobile header.
New icon option for Accessibility in mobile header.

Version 8.2018.9.26

Accessibility mode fixes
Improved Moved Design > Advanced to Design > Setup and moved to the top of the list
Improved Blog index image is no longer cropped.

Version 8.2018.9.19

New Mobile header mode.

Version 8.2018.9.12

New Added option to control delay for the Popup Message widget.
Fixed layout issues with some forms.

Version 8.2018.9.4

New option to enable a quantity input for products with the 'add to basket' button.

Version 8.2018.8.31

Improved Checkout links now show order total quantity in brackets
Improved Checkout links now have an optional icon choice in Design > Advanced > Checkout icon.

Version 8.2018.8.17

Improved Drop down page previews now show below the menu item if they don't need the full width.

Version 8.2018.8.14

Fixed Bug where button colour wouldn't reflect design mode settings.

Version 8.2018.8.13

New Added 'enable back to top button' option. Adds a button that smooth-scrolls the user back to the top of the page.
New Added an option to control the speed of 'carousel slide autoscroll' in Website Settings > Template Settings > Carousel Slide Autoscroll speed.

Version 8.2018.8.8

Fixed Bug with content duplicating from content bar 2 in the accessible version.

Version 8.2018.8.7

Fixed Bug preventing coupon codes from working.

Version 8.2018.8.6

Improved YouTube embed widget.

Version 8.2018.8.2

New 'Navigation Menu With Middle Logo (mobile version on left)' to allow the mobile version of the menu to show on the left.

Version 8.2018.8.1

Fixed Issue with some styles not applying to content bars 8-10.
New Content bar 4,5 and 6 now have separate accessible versions.

Version 8.2018.7.26

New "Content With Sticky Sidebar" widget.

Version 8.2018.7.16

Fixed 'Date' input type styling fixed.

Version 8.2018.7.6

Added image search option to search results. Finds images from galleries based on caption and links directly to the page with the gallery image selected.

Version 8.2018.7.4

Improved Expand/collapse box now allows normal links to be followed.

Version 8.2018.6.11

New Google Maps widget. Enter an address into the editable area to display a map.

Version 8.2018.5.17

New three additional content rows
Fixed Payment gateways not showing up in backend.
New Accessible version alternative content rows for the first three content rows. (These will be shown on the accessible version of the site when enabled and populated)

Version 8.2018.5.12

New Consent widget system to allow consent to be requested to allow certain features to be enabled. Learn more

Version 8.2018.5.2

Improved Header and footer now hide when the page is printed.

Version 8.2018.4.10 shipping/handling issue resolved.

Version 8.2018.3.21

Added: Hide stock levels option
New Added option to set number of recent articles to display in the 'Recent articles' widgets.

Version 8.2018.3.20

Fixed Issue with 'tag' text on blog articles.
New Widget to display recent articles by tag: 'Recent Blog Articles By Tag'.

Version 8.2018.3.20

Improved checkout process

Version 8.2018.3.12

Improved YouTube embed widget now supports links with a start time.

Version 8.2018.3.1

New Payment gateway for Swish

Version 8.2018.2.27

Improved Performance of slideshow banner areas.
New Calendars now shows as a simple list on accessible version of website.
New Payment gateway for eWAY
New Payment gateway for Payment Express

Version 8.2018.2.22b

Improved Expand/collapse widgets now work if they are nested using Snippets

Version 8.2018.2.21

Fixed Issue with all headers/footers background colours

Version 8.2018.2.19

Fixed Bug with coupon code not applying in some situations.
Fixed Bug with resizing page when banner widgets are added.

Version 8.2018.2.13

New Message shows in checkout if stock limits quantity in basket
New Pay Later checkout option

Version 8.2018.2.9

New Circular advanced image style. Use in conjunction with a square size option to display images as circles.

Version 8.2018.2.5

Fixed Bug when items with and with tax eligibility are added to the basket and sales tax is added at the same time as a discount coupon.

Version 8.2018.1.30

New 5 more coupon 'slots'
Fixed When entering an incorrect coupon code, users can click to try another code.

Version 8.2018.1.29

New Added ability to add fixed amount discount for coupons
New Added expiration date to coupons

Version 8.2018.1.10

Improved Coupon codes can now be restricted to only products in a certain category.

Version 8.2018.1.8

Fixed Bug with donation and gallery products.

Version 8.2018.1.5

Improved Sales tax shows in live shopping basket.
Improved Products added to pages via Snippets will now show the parent page's default image as the product image and link.

Version 8.2018.1.2b

New Canonical link tags added for all pages except search pages.
New noindex,follow tags added for blog tag/date and search pages.
New 'Poster image' feature. Enable in Design > Advanced > Enable poster image template section. This will enable a 'Poster image' template where an image can be added to override the default auto-generaged Facebook and Twitter sharing images when someone shares the image.

Version 8.2017.12.20

Improved Product prices now indicate if the price is 'plus sales tax'.

Version 8.2017.12.7

Improved Allow image to attach to add to basket button when multiple products are on a page and one imagen and one product are added in a single row layout.

Version 8.2017.12.5

Improved Multi-gateway checkout support.
Fixed Sales tax line item no longers displays in mini live basket.

Version 8.2017.11.30.4

Improved More shipping tiers (5) and options (10 per tier) added.

Version 8.2017.11.24

New Added option to stop the addition of sales tax to orders depending on which shipping rate is selected.

Version 8.2017.11.22

Fixed Issue with dropdown menus being obscured

Version 8.2017.11.21b

Fixed Issue with alignment of secondary right modules
New Search widget option for all modules

Version 8.2017.11.10

New Design > Advanced > Match parallax zoom levels across page. Enable this mode to make sure all parallax areas crop by the same factor. This will be based on the parallax background that requires the most cropping.
Parallax background cropping improved. Backgrounds only crop as much as they need to. For example if a background is enabled for a bar near the top of the page, that area will never need to reveal part of the background image near the bottom of the user's window. Therefore, the enlarging of that image doesn't need to be as aggressive.
New 'Combined Parallax' mode. All 5 background images are combined to create a 3D layered parallax scrolling effect. Background image 1 will appear further away than background image 5. Images will need to be PNGs of GIFs with transparent areas.

Version 8.2017.11.3

Improved New 'tier' in shipping options.

Version 8.2017.11.2

New Choose between PayPal or as payment gateways.

Version 8.2017.10.18b

Improved Layout on radio and checkboxes in contact forms.

Version 8.2017.10.5

Fixed Parallax performance


New Centered header module has new ‘menu with middle logo’ option. Add a logo asset in the center module area as well and it will show as the middle item of a centered menu (works best with even number of pages).


Fixed issue with ‘require’ settings in design mode.


Fixed various display bugs
Improved theme_vars_choices.json-userlogo version (swap this for theme_vars_choices.json when using the theme in a self-signup environment to let customers add their own branding elements)


New Support for new inlining of css/js for initial pageviews.
New Option to disable Google Fonts if required for further page speed improvement.


New Background video now supported on iOS


Fixed Issue with justify menus.


Added Google Translate module.


Improved WCAG 2.0 improved compliance.


Added: Shipping discount code.


New Support for ‘width’ for form fields. 25/50/75/100 in addition to ‘new row’ and ‘horizontal rule’ field types. (Automatically enabled when used with themes that support it)


Added to basket

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